Why Sollohub Music?

Simply put, we have the best music teachers to be found anywhere. Having been in the Music Education business for over 25 years, we are confident that we have put together the Best Staff in Colorado: highly educated (college educated with Masters Degrees in Music), experienced(an average of 12 years teaching experience as well as a life-time of performance experience), and the best qualities of patience, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

At the Sollohub School of Music, we believe in customized instruction, tailoring the lessons according to the students interests and goals. Private instruction provides the personal direction needed to make learning an instrument fun, the attention to ensure the student progresses as quickly as possible, and the individual focus to accommodate the students interests.

We love Music! We don’t discriminate against any genre/type of music. If it inspires you, puts a smile on your face, pumps you up, affects you in some way, then we want to teach it to you. So whether you love rock, country, classical, metal, blues, jazz, pop, rap, or any other style, we are more than happy to help you and will pair you with a teacher well versed and suited to your tastes.

“Don’t wander aimlessly in your musical journey. The right instructor is here to guide you or your child with direction and experience, patience and enthusiasm! The Best teachers, the Best results.”






Sollohub Music School

A few fun facts about our school!
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Piano Lessons

From classical to pop, we teach all styles of piano!

Guitar Lessons

Looking for the best guitar teachers Denver has to offer?

Voice Lessons

Dreaming of becoming the next pop singer sensation?

Bass Lessons

Be the Groove that makes the People Move! Let us help you become a great bass player

Our Teachers

We can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our teachers. Click below to meet our staff!